Fawned Fridays

Today I am trying something a little different to get back into the spirit of keeping a blog, and as a way to creatively reflect a little on my week.  Check out So Fawned and her weekly Fawned Fridays and join in!

Hai Ling Peak Alberta

Hai Ling Peak Alberta

  1. This is a great picture, you really do feel like that once you are up there! 
  2. I always loved Eiko and Koma’s still shots like this one.  One of my first oil paintings was based on one of their photos.
  3. Yum, I really want to make this Challah!
  4. But tonight I will be making this Challah instead, because it is faster, and gluten-free.
  5. Dresses from the 1940’s were so adorable and dramatic
  6. For this new blog I need some banner inspiration!
  7. This is ridiculous and super adorable.
  8. Best dog barking song ever… in case you somehow missed it!
  9. Currently my favourite place to eat in Peterborough Ontario.
    Fawned Fridays @ So Fawned

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