Fawned Fridays

Hmm Friday again so soon?  My how the week has flown by!  Remember So Fawned and her weekly Fawned Fridays and join in.

Belly Art

Belly Art

  1. I love this Belly Art  
  2. Learn about one of the oldest German cities.
  3. Europe has changed a lot since I was in elementary school, time for some re-education!
  4. There is a lot of baby room and kid design awesome here
  5. Proof that Ira’s idea for an orange nursery (which I pooh-poohed thinking orange would be way too much) really could have worked.
  6. Parts of this site amuse me.
  7. Serving this with my Grama’s Salmon loaf tonight
  8. My Mom used to make Scalloped Potatoes, now I want to find a recipe to make them.
  9. Check out my sister over at Big White Barbie Tries Borscht for her amusing reflections on her oversea work and travel.
  10. In the mood for a puzzle?
Fawned Fridays @ So Fawned

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