Fawned Fridays

Hurrah Friday! I am again this week joining So Fawned and her weekly Fawned Fridays and you can join in too.

Heidi Taillefer

By Heidi Taillefer

  1. Painting love. Wonderful Surrealist anatomical paintings
  2. I’ve been fascinated by dome homes ever since childhood.  This one rotates 
  3. Yum, I want to try this gluten-free challah recipe
  4. If you are not already on Ravelry and you knit or crochet, get on it! There are tons of resources and free patterns there!  I have found it useful for years and the site keeps on growing, the two-millionth Ravelry signed up on Wednesday, February 29 2012.
  5. Can’t wait to get started on this in red
  6. An art exhibit where content is completely reliant on the viewers
  7. Wow, that’s a lot of bananas!
  8. Cool cave homes
  9. Earl Grey Tea love
Fawned Fridays @ So Fawned

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