Kitchen Disaster of the Week: Gluten-Free Hamentaschen

Hamantaschen is a traditional Ashkenazi cookie with filling (traditionally sesame, or prune and walnut but these days anything goes) Made for the holiday of Purim.  I had never eaten one before today, so I had no idea what to expect.  Luckily my husband is more than happy to be the official taste tester.   I have been learning about each Jewish holiday and the foods associated as we progress through the year.  As my husband and I are starting our own little family it is even more important to us to explore and create our own traditions.

Making Hamantaschen

Making Hamantaschen

I decided to try the Gluten Free Raspberry Hamantaschen recipe from Elanas Pantry.  A nice simple easy recipe, I changed made a few alterations: almond meal instead of blanched almond flour, honey instead of agave syrup, kosher salt instead of sea salt, and blueberry jam instead of raspberry.

Baking Hamantaschen

Baking Hamantaschen

Why is this a Kitchen Disaster? My first mistake was that the dough was only supposed to be refrigerated for 1 hour, but it ended up staying there for 2 days.  As it contained honey it seemed very moist and damp.  Working with it was unpleasant as it was very crumbly to roll and work with and broke easily when trying to fold the cookies.  I eventually gave up on folding and instead just formed them into Hamantaschen shaped tarts.  They only took 8 minutes to bake, and although they do not look pretty and were frustrating to shape, they stayed together through cooking and the  taste was really good, the crust is buttery tasting although they are dairy free.  I would make them again.

So, as many of my other disasters, things turned out tasty in the end and I learned a little something new.  Really, that is all I am aiming for!



Other Hamantaschen recipes I came across that I would also like to try:

I want to use this recipe for Walnut prune filling.  This is not a gluten-free site, but I love it, Burekaboy has great step by step pictures of his process and lots of terrific recipes on his blog, I will be returning for more great food!

And finally, A little cookie making humour appropriate for Purim: Cookie cleavage: How much is too much?

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