Fawned Fridays

Fawned Fridays @ So FawnedBack again after a short hiatus!  Aw life, you are far to chaotic and busy these days, but I can’t truly complain, it’s been great to me as of late.

Limited Edition Cold Water book locket Rose And Anchor

  1. This is so pretty
  2. There really aught to be more oddly shaped pies in the world.
  3. Giant Bunnies!  Or Google image search for “giant rabbits”
  4. Cool Straw Bale cottage
  5. Trees as important functional spaces.  I seem to have architecture on the brain these days…
  6. Grassy roofs
  7. The title of this book. More proof that anything with the word “intergalactic” in it sounds cool.
  8. Gorillas paint.

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