Fawned Fridays

Fawned Fridays @ So FawnedFriday again and I have really been slacking!  Still do not have any of my art up here.  Still have not gotten all the dragon sketches onto canvas for the baby room, or finished the porthole trim there either, or put any proof of these things up on this blog for your viewing pleasure.  Sheesh, what a slacker!  Will have to remedy that soon.  For now here is another Fawned Friday edition:
Butterfly Pendant

Butterfly Pendant

  1. Beautiful
  2. This was my work day happiness
  3. Cool way to organize collections of rocks, shells, buttons, bones or whatever!  A great site for organizing ideas.
  4. Interactive music and art!
  5. Kaz Oshiro
  6. Peterborough 2004 my city under water
  7. Fun green DIY fashion projects
  8. Green furniture
  9. Where were these adorable fun capes when I was a child?  Looks like some great projects to do with young ones, and the young at heart.
  10. Daily Canadian art auction

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