Fawned Fridays

Fawned Fridays @ So FawnedThis is the last day of work for me!  Off on 1 week of vacation, followed by a year-long maternity leave (if things continue to go accordingly!).  Feels a little weird to be packing up this part of my work life.  Still have my own creative side projects to look after so it will be an exciting challenge to learn to balance family and creative contracts before going back to the office for full-time technical work again.
Madeline corset from Starkers! Corsetry

Madeline corset from Starkers! Corsetry

  1. Love this corset from Starkers! Corsetry. I bought my wedding corset from her as well and it was absolutely gorgeous and amazingly comfortable!
  2. Funky shoes
  3. Toms wrap boots make me think of a props for a mummy movies
  4. I keep meaning to check out this optical store in Peterborough.
  5. This is very close to my house.  What a beautiful photo by Mark Muschett
  6. I spent a lot of time playing in this park as a little girl.  Another beautiful photo by Lydia Dotto.
  7. I’m a sucker for menswear inspired looks. And more cute
  8. Projects like this make me want to develop my crochet skills further
  9. This knitting project makes me want to learn more about colour working in knits
  10. Love Googling tree murals for nursery

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