Create Something Every Week – Mobile for Baby

My husband Ira decided to create a wonderful mobile to entertain our daughter Johanna while she is on the change table. First he cut 6 shapes out of cardboard.He then used Photoshop Elements to create geometric shapes in black and white. The first round of this mobile he hand painted the designs, but decided he was not […]

Edges of the Earth – Dleeo

I have always enjoyed ship art.  Not sure why, I don’t particularly love water, and I was not very good at sailing (just ask my Dad). This is something I will have to think further on, could be the sense of adventure or seeing humans brave the elements in marvellous vehicles, or maybe it’s out of […]

Fawned Fridays

This is a busy weekend! And it is supposed to be a real scorcher here. So many fun events going on in my community, and it”s not even the long weekend yet. We’re taking it easy this Friday to prepare for all the fun. Tonight’s menu includes a Swiss chard apple salad and a cheesy tuna kugel. Have a […]

Create Something Every Week – Russian Doll Earrings

I would be lying if I told you that my birthday ever made me reflective about life, however this year I have used it as a starting point for a year long project called “Create Something Every Week”.  Yes, I get points for my wonderfully creative title. I will not be recording these doings daily, but I […]

Fawned Fridays – Me Me Me Birthday post

Friday again, how lovely!  It’s especially wonderful because it means my birthday is tomorrow.  I don’t do anything especially exciting on my birthday, but I do have one ridiculous tradition I developed several years ago, mostly because it is completely out of my character and therefore I can only get away with it on my birthday.  Once a year […]

The Seven Deadly Sins Art Show – Wrath

These are the paintings I created for an art show at The Spill back in spring 2011 with 7 other artists, called The Seven Deadly Sins.  If you, like me, have no idea what the seven deadly sins are check out this wikipedia entry, as I did, on the topic. Each of the artists drew a “sin” out […]