Belly Art Part 1 – Plaster Casting

Daddy's hand on the Momma Belly

Daddy’s hand on the Momma Belly

A week prior to my daughter arriving in our lives, my husband and I made a plaster cast of my belly to paint and hang in the nursery.  This is in no way an original idea, in fact I got the idea from seeing similar belly art hung at both the Kawartha Community Midwives office and at Glow Maternity.  They looked like fun forms to art upon.

We picked up a plaster cast kit from the art store.  I applied a layer of vaseline to my skin to make the cast easier to remove (you can use any skin cream or non petroleum based version of this product).  My husband Ira applied 2 layers of the plaster casting material.  In retrospect 3 layers would have been better, I will be reinforcing my own cast before painting it because it is a little flimsy in areas.

Casting the Belly in Plaster

Casting the Belly in Plaster

The casting process took a little while, but with a person helping you it is a pretty relaxing process, a little like a spa treatment.  Just make sure you are very comfortably sitting, and ensure you have plenty of padding underneath you if you plan on doing it in your bathtub!  Doing it in the bathtub was great for managing the clean-up as this is a messy process.

I am sure that I will be using paint as my tool in decorating this cast.  In the coming weeks I will take some shots of what I end up doing with it to share with you!


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