Fawned Fridays – Me Me Me Birthday post

Fawned Fridays @ So Fawned
Friday again, how lovely!  It’s especially wonderful because it means my birthday is tomorrow.  I don’t do anything especially exciting on my birthday, but I do have one ridiculous tradition I developed several years ago, mostly because it is completely out of my character and therefore I can only get away with it on my birthday.  Once a year I buy myself a nice dress which I wear on my birthday (sometimes accompanied by my wedding tiara) and force people to tell me how pretty I am.  I figure this tradition could never possibly get old, even when I am.
Frank Frazetta-Cat Girl

Frank Frazetta-Cat Girl

  1. Frank Frazetta is one of my all time favourite fantasy artists.  He was quite an inspiration for me when I was younger.
  2. I really like this queen sized duvet cover
  3. Living room decorating
  4. This band was the most fun I had ever had at a live metal show
  5. And I am always in the mood for this band.
  6. Still love his music… not so sure about the website though, the art makes me giggle a little.
  7. Cute website, all about how to make your own sushi. Fun!
  8. I love London Fog Latte (An Earl Grey tea flavoured with streamed milk and vanilla), especially the iced version.  I thought it would make a great ice cream flavour, but so far I have not liked any of the recipes I came across for it.  I am however intrigued by this shortbread recipe.

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