Create Something Every Week – Russian Doll Earrings

I would be lying if I told you that my birthday ever made me reflective about life, however this year I have used it as a starting point for a year long project called “Create Something Every Week”.  Yes, I get points for my wonderfully creative title.

I will not be recording these doings daily, but I will share weekly highlights here.  Feel free to join in and share your own creative endeavours. The more creativity, the merrier!

DIY Russian Doll Earrings:  

Blue Russian Doll Earring

Blue Russian Doll Earring

My first instalment is a 5 minute project requiring something you want to turn into an earring, an ear wire and a jump ring.

I was given 2 tiny dolls which are cell phone decorations. There were a present from my sister’s stay in Russia.  As I cannot see myself using such items, ever, I decided to take my sister’s advice and turn them into earrings. I removed the cell phone attachment, opened the jump rings up, and slipped the doll onto these to create 2 tiny Russian doll earrings.

Red Russian Doll Earring

Red Russian Doll Earring


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