Create Something Every Week – Mobile for Baby

cardboard shapes for the mobile

cardboard shapes for the mobile

My husband Ira decided to create a wonderful mobile to entertain our daughter Johanna while she is on the change table.

First he cut 6 shapes out of cardboard.He then used Photoshop Elements to create geometric shapes in black and white. The first round of this mobile he hand painted the designs, but decided he was not happy with the way they had turned and printed the designs off the printer instead. He then used white glue to adhere the paper to each of the cardboard shapes.

finished mobile

finished mobile

While watching Johanna’s happy excited reaction to a shiny metallic granola bar wrapper Ira got an idea to make one side of each shape shiny and metallic.  Ira took aluminium foil, cut it to fit the shapes, bunched it up a tiny bit (so that it would catch more light and refract in a more interesting fashion than with a completely smooth surface) and used the same white glue to adhere it to the mobile shapes.

He cut 6 pieces of fishing line and tied one end of the fishing line to each shape. The other end he tied to old metal hanger which had previously been cut into 3 straight lengths of  different lengths. He bent each of the ends up into a tiny loop so that fishing line would stay secured. I found an old orange ribbon and we tied each of the 3 tiers of the mobile together so that they could move around another independently and the shapes could spin without hitting one another.  Ira secured it to the ceiling with a hook.

Then we got to test it out!  Johanna’s face says it all.  This mobile has already provided hours of amusement since it was hung this week.

testing out the mobile

testing out the mobile


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