Mmmm Beets, Fresh Out of the Garden

beets from Lyndele

beets from Lyndele

A while ago I put the word out in my neighbourhood that I was looking for any fresh produce people would be willing to share out of their gardens in exchange for some of my artwork or my labour in their garden.  This offer is still on, and I love squash and pumpkin by the way!

grapes from Lyndele

grapes from Lyndele

My friend Lyndele offered up some of her family’s lovely garden produce including grapes, chard, green beans and beets. She didn’t even want anything in return, she just didn’t want all the good food to go to waste.  Thank you Lyndele! The grapes are especially delicious!  Also, it’s her birthday today, Happy Birthday Lyndele!

I have not cooked beets in so very  long that I had to find some inspiration as to how to cook them and what with.  I came across this recipe for roasted beets with feta.  I would definitely make this dish again, it was super easy, smells great roasting, and tastes absolutely mouth watering.  It seems like a strange thing to be raving about how delicious roasted beets are with feta, olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice, but trust me, if you like this vegetable you will love them prepared this way.

Paired with my Grandma Manning’s Salmon Loaf recipe,  some quinoa, and a pint of Guinness, this made for a very tasty meal indeed!

mmmmm dinner

mmmmm dinner


3 thoughts on “Mmmm Beets, Fresh Out of the Garden

  1. Leave the skins on and cook season with olive oil,salt and pepper. Wrap in a foil and cook them on the BBQ for 10 or so minutes. Really yummy.

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