Fawned Fridays – Pride Week

Fawned Fridays @ So Fawned

It’s that day again!  And wow, what a rainy one here.  It’s seems appropriate with Peterborough Pride week beginning that the rain bring us some appropriate displays of rainbows.  Send me some rainbow photos and I’ll display them here.

Seeing as tomorrow is the Peterborough Pride Parade, this post will be all about rainbows.  Check out these listings for details on Peterborough Pride Week events.

Rainbow Cake by Kaitlin Flannery

Rainbow Cake by Kaitlin Flannery

  1. A cake fit for a Pride Day event. Hurrah for rainbow cakes!
  2. Sometimes I forget how pretty the skies in Peterborough Ontario can be,  here is an intense rainbow.  The clouds in this picture looks like a painting.  I used Google to find these shots of Peterborough.
  3. Somebody ought to give this bridge a paint job that matches it’s name.
  4. Mmmm rainbow sushi
  5. Rainbow cupcakes? Yes please!
  6. Rainbow hair.  More rainbow hair
  7. Some random rainbow images
  8. I would wear these
  9. Rainbow atop a building
  10. Get a load of the first dress in this post (Alexander McQueen Spring 2003), and this lovely vintage rainbow dress.

I could keep going, there are rainbow fish and rainbow birds out there too, not to mention all the wonderful rainbow yarns out there that are so fun to knit with.  What rainbow things do you like?

Happy Pride!


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