Kitchen Disaster of the Week – Rosh Hashanah Challah

This entry is several weeks overdue, but as I have not had too many baking disasters since moving this blog I knew I had to add this one.  What happened this year at Rosh Hashanah?  Too much challah!!!

Too Much Challah!

Before the final rising.

Now, this was an incredibly delicious disaster, but none the less… I decided to try to make some festive Rosh Hashanah foods for the first time this year, all of which were lovely.  As I figured I had already figured out how to make yummy challah I would go ahead an try one with raisins and attempt a spiral shape.  Circular raisin challah is traditional for the holiday.

I found a recipe at  Please note the yield on this recipe… I did not.  This is a note to all those who get over excited and do not read the entire recipe before starting… take the time or hilarious mistakes result!  It only dawned on me that I may have gotten in over my head after adding in 15 cups of flour and seeing the dough after it’s first rising rise over the sides of the giant mixing bowl I was using.  I decided then that perhaps I should have read the recipe more thoroughly before beginning.

I also did not check to make sure I had all the ingredients before starting out and did not have enough raisins.  I ended up substituting some chopped prunes instead.  They taste the same to me, but some people may not like prunes in their bread.  Many people cannot appreciate the yumminess of prunes without thinking about pooping.  Giggles aside, prunes are pretty awesome and you should definitely give them a try.

For a 2 person holiday feast I had made 4 loaves of challah and 12 dinner rolls.  That said, this recipe is incredibly delicious and I now have 3 delicious loaves left in my freezer for future enjoyment.

For the circular challah I rolled the dough into a long rope and then wound it around to create a spiral.  Next year I would like to try braiding the bread like this.


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