Fawned Fridays

Fawned Fridays @ So Fawned
 It’s so not Friday, I know, but offline life comes before online fun 🙂
Another week of Fall colours and weather, how lovely!  It’s enough to make me want to dust off the old knitting needles and knit something colourful and woolly   Now if only I can find the time… is it too early to teach the baby to knit?
I still have not had a chance to do much lovely fall cooking, or get to the market for some brilliant seasonal foods, missed the chance to hit the market before our trek to Wellesley Ontario last Saturday.  I wouldn’t mind some fresh squash and pumpkin, and perhaps some more apples.  Apples from the grocery store just never taste as good for some reason, perhaps because they have been shipped ridiculously far to get to us and are just not as fresh.  Luckily I managed to get my hands on a local squash and a pie pumpkin this week, so I shall take another stab at making a pumpkin pie.  Pastry, not my strong suit.
Have enjoyed however some lovely fall walks lately, and attempted to take many fall pictures, although my photography skills are showing no improvement and the only ones thus far that are not hopelessly boring or blurry were taken from my front porch.
  1. I originally found that lovely bit of fun over on this blog.
  2. How to take pictures of fall for your own gallery or slide show.  I know I need all the help with a camera I can get!
  3. Web designers and developer nerds: remember framesets?!  Well they apparently still exist out there!  Wow, check out that dusty old source code, pretty darn cool if you are interested in how we used to do it.
  4. Closet organization…perhaps one day I will do that.
  5. I want to go touch all of their yarn.  Who wants to come with me?
  6. I’m not a big lentils fan, but some of these recipes look delicious!

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