Day 06: A book I’m reading #30DaysHathNovember


Take a look over at So Fawned for the list, and join in!  Better late then never right? I have 8 days of posts to catch up on tonight!

A Book I am Reading: Settings of Silver

This book is one from my pile of introduction to Judaism books that I have been steadily reading through over the last few years.  I do not find this one particularly easy to read, there is a lot of information in it to think about while reading, so it is taking me forever to get through it.

I do not read much fiction these days.  I don’t have the time these days, nor the patience for fiction (although my friend Alyson shares some of hers which is usually pretty good, we may both have odd tastes in literature).  I tend to read a lot of manuals, science, philosophy and religious books… weird combo, eh?  Especially the science and religious books in the same sentence… I really don’t feel either of these things conflict, they have completely different purposes and functions in my mind (that topic deserves a future post of it’s own one day).


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