Day 04: A friend I adore #30DaysHathNovember


Take a look over at So Fawnedfor the list, and join in!  Better late then never right? I have 8 days of posts to catch up on tonight!

A friend I adore: 

This one was particularly difficult for me as I adore lots of people and am not very outgoing about that, or anything else.  In fact I can say with confidence there are many out there who have no clue what they mean to me.  Definitely a failing on my part, and one I strive to work harder on correcting.  I had to fight to not be totally lame and select my husband for this entry, who was a friend I adored enough to marry.

In the end I chose 2 different people, who together form one awesome creative, marital and parental unit:

Celeste and Jacob

Check out their Etsy store La Petite Mascarade!  They are wonderful artists.

You guys rock.  I always have fun with you, even just sitting around over a meal or a drink.  I am always so comfortable in your presence, and I have so many things in common with you (especially Celeste ).  We have great conversations and debates, and play many a game of Settlers of Catan.  I think you are both wicked talented, and find you to be an inspiration to me.  I would definitely call you a special sort of kindred spirits.  It is very sad we now live so very far away from you both, and I do so very much enjoy any visiting we can get!

This photo is from a Halloween which feels rather long ago (they are the two costumed people to the left, I am in the silly blonde wig to the right):

Jacob and Celeste Halloween 2009

Jacob and Celeste Halloween 2009


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