Day 05: My hometown #30DaysHathNovember


Take a look over at So Fawned for the list, and join in!  Better late then never right? I have 8 days of posts to catch up on tonight!

My Home Town: Peterborough

Although I was not born in this little Ontario city, I was raised here and have moved back to it as an adult several times now.  It is a very nice place to live, lots of parks and green space, fairly friendly people, a relaxed pace of life.

It does have it’s issues, for example it can be quite difficult to secure adequate employment, even with ample education and connections, the cost of living is not that cheap, and being an entrepreneur can be very frustrating, especially if you are young and attempting to secure funding.  I may in fact be a little frustrated with these things and more at present, I frequently think of leaving these days, not because I want to but because moving here from Ottawa was not the best financial decision I have ever made and I feel I have no where to grow successfully career wise here.

But it is a great place if you can overcome these hurdles, as I hope that I can within the next year.  What’s life without a few challenges, right?  Keeps us on our toes!

There are some beautiful parks and other sites in Peterborough Ontario, and I live a block from one such; the Peterborough Lift lock. These dual lifts are the highest hydraulic boat lifts in the world.  It was finished construction in 1904.

Peterborough Lift lock

Peterborough Lift lock

On top of the Peterborough Lift Lock

On top of the Peterborough Lift Lock


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