A Flower To Remember You By

Remembrance Day, not only for remembering those people serving their country, but also to remind future generations to never repeat the horrors of the past.  I feel we humans are a rather thick species so I think we need a daily reminder of these things.

I have created a little poppy tile for Remembrance Day, it’s up on my blog today as my background, it’s free to take and use as you will.  The original photo I got from here.  The idea for the background colour came from the last picture in this gallery I liked the idea of darker green leaves and stems on a rainy day. If you tile this JPEG in your background like I have done, I think it looks a bit like a vintage wallpaper.

poppy tile

poppy tile

If you are looking for some inspiration for art for Remembrance Day, here is a gallery of random poppy paintings.

We will remember them.


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