Day 11: Three Years Ago Today #30DaysHathNovember


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Three Years Ago Today

I had been married for 5 months and was newly moved back to Peterborough from Vanier (Ottawa).  We had only just become home owners a few short months before this day.


Baby Decker

We had also only just acquired a beautiful young mutt who no one suspected would grow up to become the stupidest dog I have ever lived with in my entire life thus far.  Fortunately he has the redeemable value of having an immensely sweet disposition.

There were an awful lot of new things in my life during this time.  Although the move resulted in both my husband and I being unemployed for longer then we had imagined, we were at the time feeling hopeful for a new beginning.

Peterborough Cenotaph

Peterborough Cenotaph

On this particular day, three years ago, my husband and I and our very tiny puppy headed to the Peterborough Cenotaph for my husbands first Remembrance Day in Peterborough.  It was a good ceremony, though the crowd did not seem so big that year.  Our puppy Decker handled all the noise very well and was amazingly well behaved, even when the guns went off.

I always try to attend the services wherever we live.  I feel it is very important to to reflect and remember, not just for my own family and history.  For us all, as human beings, to reflect on the horrors of the past, in the hopes that we become better people in the present and future, so as not to repeat them.

Sadly I do not have any personal photos of that day, so I have found a tiny one of the Peterborough Cenotaph from KruzFM, a local radio station.


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