Day 12: The last item I purchased #30DaysHathNovember


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The Last Item That I Purchased

I am not much of a consumer these days, unless we are talking about hot water, electricity, or food.  It was likely a food that I purchased.

Now that I have pondered this for a few moments, and forced you to wade through  2 lead up sentences, I can say with confidence that in fact,  it was fish, chicken and beef.  All this meat is now frozen in my freezer: some beef roasts, ground meat, chicken breasts, tilapia and salmon.

Inside my freezer

Inside my freezer

I like to buy things in bulk these days, as we are not always able to get out to do our weekly grocery store run.  It has been a challenge coming up with foods that are cheap and easy to prepare (and we aim for dishes that will feed us for a couple days if not more!) so that we are not tempted to eat unhealthy but quick to make foods instead.  I also like to look at new delicious ways to stretch foods out, for example; making my own stock and soups, large pots of chilli, and buying my beets with green leaves still attached and using the leaves as another side dish.  I am always on the lookout for money saving tips on eating healthy and tasty food.

I look forward to seeing how far I can stretch this animal protein, and to pairing it with the tasty produce from the Peterborough YWCA’s JustFood program.  They always have healthy recipes and I have learned how to use vegetables like kale through their booklets.  I am hoping I can get some time soon to find out more and possibly volunteer, I think what they are doing is exciting and beneficial to the community at large!


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