Day 14: Style Inspiration For The Season #30DaysHathNovember


Style Inspiration For the Season

Fashion is not something that I feel I really have the time to think about these days.   I love traditional fall colours(greys and blacks, reds and oranges, forest greens, dark colours) and wardrobe staples (plaids and tweets, cardigans, boots, capes, scarves, hats, wool materials) and lots of layers.

Here’s a  couple things I like from Tango (there’s lots more in the brick and mortar store this season, a great black and white herringbone scarf for instance, and some lovely mittens), a blazer and a necklace.

This Burberry Prorsum collection has some great men’s wear I would wear , but I don’t like the women’s collection.   Also, the silly duck faces the models are making are ridiculous.

I like this from Salvatore Ferragamo’s fall 2011 collection:


I also love what I see from Salvatore Ferragamo’s fall 2012-13 collection:



I like the classic glamour from Paola Frani fall 2012:

Paola Frani Fall 2012

Paola Frani Fall 2012

Paola Frani Fall 2013-Women

Paola Frani Fall 2013-Women

I am loving some peices from the fall 2012 collections Les Copains, Aquilano Rimondi, and Antonio Marrass.  Here are a few of my favourites (all the pictures in the following picture come from this fashion blog.  They have very good picture coverage of a lot of fashion collections):


Fall 2012 collections from the left: Les Copains, Aquilano Rimondi, Antonio Marras, Aquilano Rimondi, Antonio Marras


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