Day 23: Eight things you didn’t know about me #30DaysHathNovember


Eight Things You Don’t Know About Me

In this age of high profile lives and internet over sharing it is hard to say what anyone may or may not know about me. So here is some random stuff you may or may not know…

1. I’m NOT a vegetarian.  I keep being asked whether or not I am.  I am most definitely not.  Check my blog.  Meat and baking.  And chard and kale.  It’s the chard and kale isn’t it?  That’s what’s confusing people… come one, that stuff’s delicious, even a steak loving girl can enjoy delicious plants.

2. I’m not actually an atheist. Sometimes people assume that I must be because I have a science degree and hold to such ideas as evolution as being truth.  I don’t feel science and science have the same purpose, and I feel given that there is no conflict in my life.  Keep your religion and your science separate.

3. I am allergic to cats and dogs.  I enjoy my pets, but living with them is respiratory misery.

4. I don’t think that if we abolished religion that all the worlds problems will be resolved and war would cease to exist. To think that is pretty short sighted. The problem isn’t religion or ideas, but Assholes.  There are Assholes in every group of humans, including non religious humans.  With religion gone, Assholes will just come up with another stupid reason to fight…need you ask why?  Because they are Assholes.  The end.

5. My greatest artistic influences are still Expressionism, Surrealism and Dada.

6. I do not like birds as pets.  Birds freak me out indoors.  I like birds outdoors in their natural habitats.  Enjoy your own pet birds, and I will enjoy my lack of feathered household friends.

7. Just in case there is any doubt, I believe in equality.

8. It is known that I like all sorts of music, bluegrass, punk, metal, country, rock, blues, the list goes on.  But few know that I also enjoy quite a few tracks from Hip Hop legends A Tribe Called Quest.  I first heard their album, The Low End Theory, on my high school art trip to New York, and I had never heard a blending of music quite like it before.  It was one of those discoveries that changed the way I perceived and listened to music forever.


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