Fawned Fridays

1. Still thinking about diy blinds for the baby’s room 2. Straw bale house construction has always intrigued me. 3. Hate turtlenecks but love leggings? 4. This is a fun little silkscreen 5. More moth art. Little known fact: I have always been fascinated by the beauty of moths, and yet I have yet to […]

Day 22: What I love about my job #30DaysHathNovember

#30DaysHathNovember What I Love About My Job Gosh… this one’s tough.  I have several jobs… Come spring I will be back to full time work at the software factory, I really don’t enjoy anything about that job I find it horrifically boring and it makes no use of any of my skills, and only a […]

November Sunset

Day 20: Something That Means A Lot To Me #30DaysHathNovember

#30DaysHathNovember Something That Means A Lot To Me Family means a lot to me, I think it is the base building block for community, something else that is very important to me.  I think family comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and forms, and think the only thing they all need to have in […]