Day 22: What I love about my job #30DaysHathNovember

#30DaysHathNovember What I Love About My Job Gosh… this one’s tough.  I have several jobs… Come spring I will be back to full time work at the software factory, I really don’t enjoy anything about that job I find it horrifically boring and it makes no use of any of my skills, and only a […]


Day 15: Three Blogs I Always Read #30DaysHathNovember

#30DaysHathNovember Take a look over at So Fawned for the list, and join in! Three Blogs I always read Random Colours – A blog for her illustrations and other such lovely arty stuff.  Celeste was also featured in one of my earlier 30 Days Hath November posts. Dude, COOK! – “A blog to help the average person who […]

Fall 2012 Fashion Inspiration

Day 14: Style Inspiration For The Season #30DaysHathNovember

 #30DaysHathNovember Style Inspiration For the Season Fashion is not something that I feel I really have the time to think about these days.   I love traditional fall colours(greys and blacks, reds and oranges, forest greens, dark colours) and wardrobe staples (plaids and tweets, cardigans, boots, capes, scarves, hats, wool materials) and lots of layers. Here’s a  couple […]

Fawned Fridays

Had a wonderful road trip to Gatineau to unwind with the husband and baby for the long weekend.  Now back to the grind. I could feel the stress flooding back as soon as we neared our city limits… Ah well, look on the bright side, we have lots going on these days so we are definitely […]

Create Something Every Week – Mobile for Baby

My husband Ira decided to create a wonderful mobile to entertain our daughter Johanna while she is on the change table. First he cut 6 shapes out of cardboard.He then used Photoshop Elements to create geometric shapes in black and white. The first round of this mobile he hand painted the designs, but decided he was not […]

Edges of the Earth – Dleeo

I have always enjoyed ship art.  Not sure why, I don’t particularly love water, and I was not very good at sailing (just ask my Dad). This is something I will have to think further on, could be the sense of adventure or seeing humans brave the elements in marvellous vehicles, or maybe it’s out of […]

Create Something Every Week – Russian Doll Earrings

I would be lying if I told you that my birthday ever made me reflective about life, however this year I have used it as a starting point for a year long project called “Create Something Every Week”.  Yes, I get points for my wonderfully creative title. I will not be recording these doings daily, but I […]