Day 22: What I love about my job #30DaysHathNovember

#30DaysHathNovember What I Love About My Job Gosh… this one’s tough.  I have several jobs… Come spring I will be back to full time work at the software factory, I really don’t enjoy anything about that job I find it horrifically boring and it makes no use of any of my skills, and only a […]

November Sunset

Day 20: Something That Means A Lot To Me #30DaysHathNovember

#30DaysHathNovember Something That Means A Lot To Me Family means a lot to me, I think it is the base building block for community, something else that is very important to me.  I think family comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and forms, and think the only thing they all need to have in […]


Day 19: Myself, One Year Ago #30DaysHathNovember

#30DaysHathNovember Myself, One Year Ago: One year ago was a very exciting time for us as we were preparing for the possibility of a child.  While I can’t say that I loved pregnancy, I can say that I did enjoy a lot of it and that I really didn’t find it to be too bad an experience.  I mean, you can’t expect it […]

Day 13: Something I’m Proud Of #30DaysHathNovember

#30DaysHathNovember Take a look over at So Fawned for the list, and join in! Something I’m Proud Of I have a degree, and a diploma, and many certificates and a couple awards along the way, but none of these are things I am extra proud of. I didn’t want to be a big lame-o and say I was […]

Create Something Every Week – Mobile for Baby

My husband Ira decided to create a wonderful mobile to entertain our daughter Johanna while she is on the change table. First he cut 6 shapes out of cardboard.He then used Photoshop Elements to create geometric shapes in black and white. The first round of this mobile he hand painted the designs, but decided he was not […]