Day 15: Three Blogs I Always Read #30DaysHathNovember

#30DaysHathNovember Take a look over at So Fawned for the list, and join in! Three Blogs I always read Random Colours – A blog for her illustrations and other such lovely arty stuff.  Celeste was also featured in one of my earlier 30 Days Hath November posts. Dude, COOK! – “A blog to help the average person who […]

Kitchen Disaster of the Week – Rosh Hashanah Challah

This entry is several weeks overdue, but as I have not had too many baking disasters since moving this blog I knew I had to add this one.  What happened this year at Rosh Hashanah?  Too much challah!!! Now, this was an incredibly delicious disaster, but none the less… I decided to try to make some festive Rosh […]

Adventures with Gluten – Basic Challah

This is my first challah baked with wheat flour, wow, very different from my usual gluten-free challah!  I feel that the gluten-free challah is much faster and easier to make, but, although it tastes delicious, it is dryer and much more difficult to make the strands and braid them. This wheat challah recipe is easy to […]

Mmmm Beets, Fresh Out of the Garden

A while ago I put the word out in my neighbourhood that I was looking for any fresh produce people would be willing to share out of their gardens in exchange for some of my artwork or my labour in their garden.  This offer is still on, and I love squash and pumpkin by the […]

Fawned Fridays

Another week, another Fawned Friday edition. Eagerly counting down the minutes until my weekend begins.  So much to do!  So much I want to do!  But most importantly, relax and enjoy the little things when you can.  Speaking of which, approximately six or so more weeks until I can consume scotch again… can’t wait! Loving […]