Create Something Every Week – Russian Doll Earrings

I would be lying if I told you that my birthday ever made me reflective about life, however this year I have used it as a starting point for a year long project called “Create Something Every Week”.  Yes, I get points for my wonderfully creative title. I will not be recording these doings daily, but I […]

Fawned Fridays

This is the last day of work for me!  Off on 1 week of vacation, followed by a year-long maternity leave (if things continue to go accordingly!).  Feels a little weird to be packing up this part of my work life.  Still have my own creative side projects to look after so it will be […]

Fawned Fridays

Hurrah Friday! I am again this week joining So Fawned and her weekly Fawned Fridays and you can join in too. Painting love. Wonderful Surrealist anatomical paintings I’ve been fascinated by dome homes ever since childhood.  This one rotates  Yum, I want to try this gluten-free challah recipe If you are not already on Ravelry and you […]

Monday Love

Mondays can be a little sour.  Here are 5 things that sweetened my Monday: Knitted and crocheted food.  It’s the most ridiculous thing I have come across today. Here is more yarn food. Does it serve a purpose? Is it art? Discuss! Today’s tea! Avocados, yummy and healthy. Pinterest because it’s fun sharing how I’m wasting time. A little […]