About Sum of Sara

Sara and Johanna

Sara and Johanna

I am an artist in her late 30’s who is enjoying maternity leave with her first child, daughter Johanna.  When not on leave I make my living as a web and graphic designer, and I also slave my days away in a software factory as a quality assurance technician in the lovely little city of Peterborough, Ontario. This blog is the sum of my various interests and reflections; A dash of art and design, a taste of cooking and recipe sharing, yarn crafts, and reflections on a variety of facets of life, love and culture.

I have not yet ported over my previous blogs to this new one yet, so please check out my older blog The Obfuscated Monkey for more recipes and Baking Disasters of the week!


2 thoughts on “About Sum of Sara

  1. Hi Sum Of Sara, I just came across your blog because my line’s name is sumsara……I was..sum of sara??? you have an interesting interest for ships..hope you get more time to be with your interests which is always a treat for artists. I think it would be interesting for you to visit my line at
    http://www.styleshopusa.com/home.php?cat=354 and also visit us on facebook and leave us any comments you may have….

    • Hello Sue, I see you are an artist too! I loved your description of what SumSara means on your business profile. What beautiful dresses you design. Thanks for dropping by and sharing!

      My blog name is a pun. My name is Sara and my blog name plays with the saying “Sum of my parts” while illustrating that I share “some” of my life and views online.

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