Day 22: What I love about my job #30DaysHathNovember


What I Love About My Job

Gosh… this one’s tough.  I have several jobs…

Come spring I will be back to full time work at the software factory, I really don’t enjoy anything about that job I find it horrifically boring and it makes no use of any of my skills, and only a fraction of my education.  In fact it makes use of one course I took at school, and I barely remember because I hated it so much.  A little ironic.  At any rate, staying positive and all that I can say that I do like the people there, there are some very awesome folks there and I have made some good friends while working there.

My job as a freelance graphic designer and web designer; I enjoy the creative and technical work, I relish the interesting challenges.  I like making clients happy.

As a mother (don’t even tell me or any other mother that this isn’t a job) watching the little one grow and discover, and rediscovering the world through her eyes.  Family love.


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